Meghan Markle is having a “lot of trouble” finding people to help her with her new lifestyle brand ‘American Riviera Orchard’ because of her “demanding” nature, a royal commentator said.

Meghan had announced her lifestyle brand in March this year. The details about the company are, however, still scarce. The bran is said to focus on garden, home, and general lifestyle content.

Speaking to British news channel GBN America, royal biographer Angela Levin said the Duchess of Sussex is at a “stalemate” with the business venture as she is having a hard time finding a CEO and a chef.

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Levin said Meghan is “very upset” about what is happening with this American Orchard Rivera, and she is not happy about how the brand has been received.

“It is not moving forward. She has had a lot of trouble finding a CEO to run it for her and she is having a lot of trouble finding a chef. Some of them have gone along to see how it is but they say she is so meticulous about everything,” the royal commentator said.

“She’s so demanding and they don’t really want that. These are chefs who have good jobs, and they’re not people who are learning,” she added.

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Levin also told GBN America that the brand’s a bit of a stalemate, however, Meghan has got 150 things on her link, and has applied for a global patent.

“Some of the things [she will be selling] are fabric gift wraps, cocktail napkins, meditation maps, pillows for household pets, a whole range of things from A to Z. We’ll have to see how she gets on. I think she’s finding it much more difficult than she thought,” she said.

The royal commentator said she thinks Meghan thought she would sail in her brand, and everybody would think it was wonderful. “Which I think she does a lot about herself. But actually, it’s jolly hard work.”

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In May, Meghan sent 50 jars of strawberry jam featuring a handwritten number from 1 to 50 to influencers and her famous friends, including Chrissy Teigen and Suits co-star Abigail Spencer.

“The jam was a bit of a laughing stock, she sent it off to about fifty friends and only a few replied,” Levin told GBN America. “Everyone said that she is in a jam.”

Reportedly, the strawberry jam is a fit with Prine Harry and Meghan Markle’s latest Netflix plans. The duchess is going to launch a Netflix show which will “celebrate the joys of cooking and gardening, entertaining, and friendship”.

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The couple has signed a five-year production deal with Netflix in 2020, said to be worth $100.

Meghan will likely officially launch American Riviera Orchard later this spring, People Magazine reported citing sources.

“Meghan finds the name American Riviera Orchard perfect. It feels authentic to her. She can’t wait for the website to launch. She is excited about her latest, personal venture,” the report quoted.

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Published: 05 Jun 2024, 04:58 PM IST