KRISHNAGIRI: After a video of some men slaughtering a goat on a road in Krishnagiri district went viral on social media, BJP’s Tamil Nadu state president K Annamalai on Thursday appealed to DMK cadre not to resort to such acts of violence.
Talking to reporters in Coimbatore, Annamalai said if DMK men had any grievance towards him, they should approach him directly.“If necessary, they can confront me as I will be available in Coimbatore,” he said.
Annamalai expressed dismay over the video. In the video, a group of men is seen slaughtering a goat after tying a photo of Annamalai on its head. The incident happened in Paiyur panchayat in Krishnagiri district.
The men adorned the goat with a garland after placing an Annamalai photo on its head. In the video, one of the men is seen holding the goat by its legs while another beheading it. They are seen dragging the carcass on the road with blood oozing.