Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday opposed LoP Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in Lok Sabha, slamming the BJP for perpetuating violence. Taking to microblogging site X (formerly Twitter), Sitharaman commented, “Hypocrisy in claiming Mohabbat ki Dukaan exposed.”. LoP Rahul Gandhi, during his first Lok Sabha speech, took a swipe at the ruling BJP, pointing at them, said, “Jo log aapne aap ko Hindu kehetein hain wo 24 ghante hinsha hinsha hinsha, nafrat nafrat nafrat, asatya asatya asatya…” (The ones who call themselves Hindu, 24 hours talk about violence, hate, and lies…).

FM Sitharaman took a rather disdainful tone with her tweet and hit out at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and the opposition INDIA bloc. “Sheer audacity of LoP ⁦ @RahulGandhi to call everyone who calls himself Hindu as “hinsak”/violent shows ⁦@INCIndia’s hatred and contempt towards Hindus. Also consistent with Hindu hate of his INDI Alliance partners.” Sitharaman said.

Notably, Rahul Gandhi also said the BJP is not the entire Hindu society. “Narendra Modi is not entire Hindu society. BJP is not the entire Hindu society, RSS is not the entire society, this is not BJP’s contract,” Rahul Gandhi said.

However, the BJP senior leaders including Amit Shah, the treasury bench in Lok Sabha, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi took offence and demanded an apology from LoP Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi said, “Calling the entire Hindu community violent is very serious”.

Rahul Gandhi clarified that his remarks pertained explicitly to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), distinguishing them from the broader Hindu society, including the RSS and PM Modi. Gandhi further emphasised that all religions talk about courage, citing Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism to underline the importance of fearlessness.

Rahul Gandhi’s statements in the Lok Sabha had the treasury bench on its feet, as BJP members strongly objected. Rahul Gandhi, who made his first speech as Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, also attacked the government over the Agniveer scheme.