Mollywood colleagues hail Suresh Gopi's victory in LS polls as a testament to his dedication

Suresh Gopi, who made history by becoming the BJP’s first Lok Sabha MP from Kerala, may not have had an easy start in politics. With two consecutive defeats, first in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and then in the 2021 Assembly polls, the actor-politician finally secured the people’s mandate this year. His victory in the Thrissur constituency, amidst tough competition with Congress’ K Muraleedharan and CPM’s V S Sunil Kumar, is as power-packed as the punch dialogues he delivers on screen.
His colleagues, who have been part of his journey as an actor, attribute his success to his hard work and perseverance. Renji Panicker, a filmmaker and scriptwriter who has collaborated with the superstar in films like ‘Thalasthanam’ and ‘Ekalavyan’, likened Suresh Gopi’s political trajectory to his acting career.
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“Suresh Gopi didn’t have it easy when he started as an actor. He emerged during a time when Mohanlal and Mammootty were dominating Mollywood. Breaking into that space was challenging. Initially, he was perceived as someone who portrayed softer characters on screen. There was scepticism about his ability to pull off macho roles. Even we had doubts. However, that changed after ‘Thalasthanam’. With that film, he demonstrated his capability to portray more aggressive roles, which he continued to do. There has been a significant shift in his on-screen persona,” said Renji Panicker. He described Suresh Gopi’s victory as a triumph against all odds. “Suresh Gopi’s victory is remarkable because he had to overcome numerous challenges, both as an actor and a politician.

He has been connected with Thrissur for over five years. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he relied solely on his star power. The 2021 Assembly elections didn’t favour him much either. However, the political landscape in Thrissur favoured him this time. His perseverance deserves commendation,” he added.
Shaji Kailas, who directed Suresh Gopi in ‘Commissioner’, echoed Renji Panicker’s sentiments. “Suresh Gopi has encountered a lot of criticism, but he prevailed to secure victory in Thrissur. I view this as a testament to his dedication and hard work,” he said.
Shaji noted that Suresh Gopi continued to work for his constituency despite his previous electoral setbacks. “I have witnessed his efforts to assist the underprivileged. He actively seeks out those in need of financial assistance and goes as far as to support them from his own resources. As an actor, he possesses the ability to win people’s affection and garner support for him on screen,” he remarked.

K Madhu, who directed Suresh Gopi in ‘Irupathaam Nootandu’, lauded the actor’s conscientious nature. “He is mindful of his duties. It was this dedication and sense of responsibility that enabled him to secure an MP seat today,” Madhu stated. As an illustration of his commitment, the filmmaker recalled Suresh Gopi’s persistence in dubbing for ‘Irupathaam Nootandu’. “Until then, no other filmmaker had utilized his natural voice, which made me hesitant as well. I recall how he travelled to Madras (now Chennai) and persuaded me otherwise. Since then, there has been no turning back. Today, that voice is an integral part of his identity,” he added.

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