Monsoon Exclusive! Sumati Singh: I like to visit Marine Drive during the rains

    Popular actor Sumati Singh from `Kismat Ki Lakiro Se` joined`s `Monsoon special.`

    How did you kick off the season?

    As I am working it started off on my sets. I stay in Dahisar and my set is in Naigaon it usually takes me 20 minutes to travel. Due to the monsoon, it takes me an hour to reach because of the traffic. Even if we pack up early it takes me one hour and it is so tiring. 

    What food or drink do you indulge in during the monsoon?

    I am a foodie and during monsoon and winter I crave for pakodas, samosas and tea. 

    What is your favourite place to visit in Mumbai during the monsoon?

    I love visiting Marine Drive or any beach during monsoon. I also love long drives. I stand by my balcony sometimes as it has a nice mountain view.

    Favourite rain song on your playlist?

    ‘Halki Halki si barsaat aagyi’ this song is running on top of my playlist. And then the 90’s rain songs as well. 

    Favourite monsoon memory in Mumbai…

    When I first came to Mumbai it was July and I went to Bandstand with my roommates. I remember the wind was so bad that my umbrella flew away. It was fun to enjoy the rain. 

    Holiday plans…

    I like to travel to Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Alibaug or Nashik. Outside Maharashtra, I would like to travel to South India-Ooty, Kerala, Coorg. Even the travel from Mumbai to Goa is enjoyable.

    Cafe or restaurant recommendations in the city…

    I love to eat vadapav and Maggi during the monsoon but there are still some cafés which I love to visit -Rainforest Restro and Bar, Biza Restro and Bar, Butterfly High and Upper Deck, Stella, Social and Bayview. 

    Choice of outfits for the season…

    I love wearing shorts. I also love short dresses, anything that`s above the knee. 

    What do you dislike about the monsoon?

    I don’t like non-stop rain when I have to travel and go to work every day. You get stuck in the traffic. The potholes irritate me. While shooting I have to dress up and we have to wait if there is any outdoor shoot. Shooting becomes difficult. 

    Movies to binge watch while stuck at home…

    I like to watch anything on TV while it’s raining outside, be it horror or comedy.

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