`Katha Ankahee` actor Adnan Khan joined mid-day.com`s `Monsoon special` where he shared everything from what he is binging on to his favourite movies. Read on to find out more!

How did you kick off the season?

It began working, I was on the sets.
What food or drink do you indulge in during the monsoon?
The season doesn`t define what food I binge. I binge burgers and Chinese food, throughout the year.
What is your favourite place to visit in Mumbai during the monsoon?
Work, l love going to work when it`s raining wherever my set is wherever. Right now Filmcity is my number one spot and I love the greenery.
Favourite rain song on your playlist?
I would give that to `Bad Liar` by Imagine Dragons.
Cafe or restaurant recommendations in the city…
Starbucks in Bandra 
Favourite monsoon memory in Mumbai…
I don`t know why this is the one that stands out for me! The memory is of a time when the city was flooded and I went to my gym walking. My gym is ten minutes away from where I stay and I was so into working out that I remember reaching the gym with my track pants wet even above my knees. I remember going trudging in the water to the gym and weirdly it is one of my fondest memories of the monsoon.
Choice of outfits for the season…
I have got this wonderful trench coat that I bought from Mango and raincoat as well. It does 80 percent of it`s job and I`m 20 percent drenched. It`s still my favourite and I just love it.
What do you dislike about the monsoon?
That it`s only for three months.
Movies to binge watch while stuck at home…
I would go with shows. My brother was telling me about `The Walking Dead` yesterday. I haven`t seen too much but just the way talking I will urge people to watch it.

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