NEW DELHI: The south-west monsoon, which slowed down after reaching Mumbai, is now regaining momentum and is expected to advance further by June 21-22, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). This progress will provide needed relief to north India, currently facing an intense heatwave.
Sunil Kamble, Head of the Regional Meteorological Department (IMD) in Mumbai, reported that monsoon activity had been weak but is now slowly turning moderate.“Monsoon activity was weak after it hit Mumbai, but it is slowly turning moderate. It will strengthen by June 21-22 and coastal Maharashtra is likely to receive good rainfall. Central Maharashtra, including Marathwada, will receive light to moderate rainfall during this time,” he said.
Several parts of Mumbai experienced showers on Wednesday morning, though this was insufficient to alleviate the oppressive heat. The monsoon arrived in Mumbai on June 9, two days earlier than its usual schedule. Since then, it has made limited progress and has yet to cover parts of northern Maharashtra and Vidarbha.
India has received 20 percent less rainfall since the start of the monsoon period on June 1, with no significant progress recorded between June 12 and 18.
On Tuesday, the IMD noted that June would see below-normal rainfall. June and July are crucial for agriculture as most of the sowing for the Kharif crop takes place during this period.