Noted and successful filmmaker Kabir Khan’s docu-drama ‘Roar of The Lion’ featuring former Indian Cricket team Captain M S Dhoni is out today in a 5 episode series for Hotstar Specials.

Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings went through a major set back when it was alleged that the team was involved in 2013’s Indian Premiere League spot-fixing scandal, resulting in a two year ban.

The incident was a huge blow to the entire nation, especially the cricketer who never in his wildest imagination could believe his name would be taken along something like Match-fixing, that could have destroyed his entire career.

However, after the ban was lifted the team came roaring back in 2018 and won the IPL series defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad.

In Roar of the Lion, Dhoni takes you through his journey as to what had  actually happened that time?, how the whole incident impacted him personally and professionally, the team and their blockbuster comeback post the ban lift.

Check out the enthralling & inspiring journey of the Lion on Hotstar Specials today.

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