Multimillionaire entrepreneur Pieter Levels recently created a website to track the live status of airlines in terms of how much luggage they are losing regularly. The ranking is based on actual lost luggage data available on the internet, along with online complaints of people about their lost luggage in more than 100 languages.

Pieter Levels rose to fame for the NomadList service, which makes travelling to new places easier. The present ranking of airlines losing most luggage includes Air India, Aer Lingus, WestJet Airlines, and British Airways, among the top positions.

Where does Indian Airlines stand on the list?

Tata Group-owned Air India ranks top on the list, followed by Aer Lingus, WestJet Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, SpiceJet, etc. SpiceJet ranks 6th on the list, while IndiGo is on the12th spot.

The data available on the website also takes into account airline size differences by flights and fleet size. All major airlines are tracked 24/7. 

“It’s a live ranking of airlines by how much luggage they are losing right now. So you can avoid flying with them (and hopefully they can improve)” wrote Pieter Levels on X. 

Sharing the motivation behind creating such a website, Levels wrote, “I made this because Vueling lost my gf’s suitcase 2 weeks ago and still haven’t returned it. Realizing if I had a site like this I’d never book Vueling in the first place as it’s #8 worst in losing luggage right now! I hope you like it and it helps you avoid the same fate.”

Apart from Air India being the biggest luggage losers in the list, Japan’s All Nippon Airways emerged as the airline losing least number of passenger luggage. LATAM Brazil and Alaska Airlines stood on second and third position respectively. 

Since airlines do not publish their lost luggage data regularly, this website relies on social media for its primary data collection. Hence, the data and ranking of airlines should be taken with a pinch of salt.