MUMBAI: Animal activists of Karuna Parivar NGO have rescued a total of 66 buffalos and calves from three trucks which were illegally transporting the animals for slaughter towards Mumbai for the purpose of Bakr Eid event.
Activist Bhavin Gathani of Karuna Parivar told TOI: “We had received specific information that three trucks packed with buffalos and calves were driving along the Nashik highway in order to reach the Deonar slaughterhouse in Mumbai on the occasion of Bakr Eid.The trucks were intercepted at different locations with the help of police, and the poor bovines were rescued.”
He added that the animal transportation rules must be strictly followed, even if the animals are to be taken for slaughter. “We saw that the buffalos and calves were very tightly tied up inside the trucks, with no room to move. This is very painful and tortuous for the cattle, and hence it is illegal,” said Gathani.
The trucks were intercepted under the police jurisdictions of Kapoor Bawadi Police Station (Thane City); Naupada Police Station (Thane City) and Navghar Police Station (Mulund Checkpost, Mumbai).
In a commendable effort, the police arrested seven individuals involved in this illegal activity. Names of those arrested are: Mozam Sheikh, Baban Mule, Cheena alias Ghulam Hussain, Mohammed Kais, Mukhtar, Raju Qureshi and Ghulam Sheikh.
These individuals have been charged under various laws, including the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act, and the Motor Vehicle Act.