Mumbai: In view of taking a safety precaution to prevent injuries on the maidans where multiple matches take place at the same time, the Mumbai Cricket Association has directed all its umpires to wear helmets while officiating matches at the maidans.
The advisory to the local umpires is basically to prevent an unfortunate incident. In January this year, a local cricketer, Jayesh Savla, passed away at Dadkar Maidan in Matunga after being struck, while fielding, by a ball hit by a batsman in a match taking place at an adjacent plot that belongs to famed cricket club Dadar Union.While a few umpires have been seen wearing helmets while officiating in T20 cricket around the world, in the maidans this will be a first.
On May 23, in a communication (TOI has a copy) to all the MCA panel umpires, MCA secretary Ajinkya Naik wrote: “The maidans in Mumbai play a very crucial role in the development and promotion of the game of cricket within MCA’s jurisdiction. The MCA is fortunate to have Azad, Cross, Oval, Shivaji Park and Dadkar maidan within its jurisdiction. At the same time, the maidans also pose a safety concern to the players as well as the umpires since multiple matches are played simultaneously there.”
The MCA’s apex council took the decision so that the umpires can safeguard themselves from a “potentially serious and life-threatening injury,” Naik wrote. “The apex council took a note of this situation and to safeguard the umpires from serious injury, has decided to issue this advisory to the umpires. It is recommended that the umpires wear a helmet at the time of officiating the matches at the maidans in order to safeguard themselves from potentially serious and life-threatening injury. We wish you all the best of health,” Naik wrote.

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