As the monsoon season arrives, a comforting warmth washes over Mumbai and what could be more comforting than a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Asian flavours?  La Mar, one of Mumbai`s beloved restaurants understands this culinary craving perfectly.  They have unveiled their all-new Asian special menu, a symphony of Southeast Asian spices specifically designed to comfort your taste buds during the monsoon season.  

Dive into a dazzling array of tapas, designed for sharing and exploring the diverse flavours of the region. From vegetarian sensations like Tofu and Broccoli Yakitori and Thai BBQ Cottage Cheese to non-vegetarian delights like Asian Chicken Wings and Wok Tossed Cashew Chicken, there is something for everyone. 

Warm up your palate with aromatic soups like Laksa and Hot and Sour, available in vegetarian, chicken, or seafood variations. Refreshing salads like Som Tam and Horenso Goma with roasted garlic provide a lighter option before the main event. 

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Savour the rich and flavourful Green Thai Curry and Red Thai Curry, each available with a choice of vegetables, chicken, or seafood – all served with fluffy jasmine rice. Sharing plates take centre stage with Soft Tofu with bok choy and chilli bean, alongside a tempting selection of stir-fried noodles and rice dishes. 

For sushi aficionados, a mouthwatering selection of nigiri, sashimi, and sushi rolls awaits. Explore classic options like Sake (Salmon) Nigiri and Hamachi Nigiri, or dive into vegetarian creations like Spicy Avocado or Vegetable California Rolls. Don`t forget to explore the curated selection of dim sum dumplings, featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like Asparagus and Corn Burnt Spring Onion dumplings and Chicken and Chestnut Siu Mai.

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“We are thrilled to bring the vibrant flavours of Southeast Asia to La Mar,” says Chef Mayank. “This menu is a celebration of bold spices, fresh ingredients, and delicious dishes perfect for sharing. We can`t wait for our guests to embark on this culinary adventure with us.”

La Mar`s new Asian special menu promises an unforgettable journey through the culinary tapestry of Southeast Asia, in addition to its European and Mediterranean fare. With options to share, explore, and savour, it`s one of the perfect destinations for an exotic and delicious adventure with friends and family.

Address: LA MAR, NSCI, Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Lotus Colony, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

Timings: 12 noon – 1 am 

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