NEW DELHI: Delhi’s minister Atishi has entered the fourth day of her indefinite hunger strike, protesting the acute water shortage gripping the national capital.

“Today is the fourth day of my indefinite fast. I am on a fast because there is a huge shortage of water in Delhi. For the last 3 weeks, Haryana has reduced the supply of water to Delhiites.The Haryana government has been giving 100 MGD less water to Delhi for the last 3 weeks… Yesterday, the doctor came and examined me,” she said.
“He said that my BP is getting low, my sugar is getting low, I am losing weight. He also said that the ketone level has increased a lot. The doctor advised that it is not good for the ketone level to increase so much. It can damage the body, it can harm health. But no matter how bad my health is, no matter how much pain my body is in, my resolve to do this fast is strong. And until 28 lakh Delhiites do not get water, my indefinite fast will continue,” she added further.
Atishi accuses Haryana of withholding Delhi’s rightful share of water by closing the gates of the Hathnikund barrage on the Yamuna river.
The AAP leader stress that Haryana’s reduction of water supply—allegedly from 613 MGD to 513 MGD—has exacerbated the crisis, leaving millions in Delhi parched amid scorching temperatures.
CPI(M) leader Subhashini Ali visited the site to express solidarity, emphasizing the severity of the situation. Senior AAP leaders such as Sanjay Singh and Gopal Rai have lambasted the BJP, accusing them of exacerbating the crisis out of political vendetta.
In response, Delhi BJP chief Virendra Sachdeva criticized Atishi’s hunger strike as theatrics, diverting attention from real issues faced by Delhiites. He highlighted the rising deaths due to heat-related illnesses, questioning the effectiveness of such protests.