BENGALURU: Wealthtech platform MyFi, a subsidiary of TIFIN, has launched a conversational AI assistant for long-term wealth creation. MyFi leverages research-driven, fact-based investment intelligence and AI models to generate personalized investment guidance based on the user’s investment portfolio. MyFi is registered with SEBI as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and operates in strict accordance with all relevant government regulations.Launched in Public Beta, MyFi is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.
Industry estimates indicate that Indian Mutual Funds have over 87.6 million SIP accounts through which investors are actively investing in mutual fund schemes. This booming landscape not only brings exciting opportunities but also a host of complexities.
Vinay Nair, founder, chairman and CEO of TIFIN, said, “Our vision is to leverage AI to help more people globally access better advice. We are now combining our global expertise in verticalizing AI for wealth with local know-how. MyFi leverages learnings from TIFIN’s portfolio but is built in India and tailored specifically for Indian investors to facilitate informed, long-term financial decision-making and to promote financial literacy in the country.”
Kiran Nambiar, co-founder & CEO of MyFi, said, “The launch of MyFi in India marks a significant step in our effort to empower investors with accessible and user-friendly investment guidance. With MyFi, informed investing becomes accessible to millions of people in India. Think of the app as an assistant who not only gives you options based on market realities but does so in the context of your current investment portfolio, all in conversational form and in simplified language you can understand. Built on years of learning from successful TIFIN products, it truly removes the guesswork from investing.”