In 2018, during the MeToo movement, actor Tanushree Dutta made allegations of sexual harassment against Nana Patekar. He has now given a fresh statement about her allegation that he misbehaved with her during the shooting of a song for the 2008 film Horn Ok Pleassss. In an interview with The Lallantop, the actor said that he knew from the beginning that her allegations were false, which is why he never got angry. Also read | Nana Patekar, ‘his Bollywood mafia friends’ will be responsible if anything ever happens to me: Tanushree Dutta

Nana Patekar has spoken on Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment claims.

‘It was all a lie’

Nana said, “I knew that it was all a lie. That’s why I didn’t get angry. When everything was a lie, why should I be angry? And all those things are old. They have happened. What can we talk about them? Everyone knew the truth. What could I say at that time when nothing like this happened? Suddenly, someone says that you did this, you did that. What would I have answered to all these things? Should I have said that I didn’t do this? I know the truth that I didn’t do anything.”

What did Tanushree Dutta say?

Tanushree kickstarted the MeToo movement in India in 2018 when she alleged Nana Patekar, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, and director Vivek Agnihotri behaved inappropriately with her during a film shoot.

In her statement, Tanushree said that in 2008, during the shooting of a song for the film Horn Ok Pleassss, Nana had ‘tried to sexually abuse’ her. Tanushree had said that the song was to be shot on a single actor, but still, Nana used to be present on the set on the day of shooting.

Talking about facing adversities since she made the allegations, Tanushree told Hindustan Times in a 2022 interview, “A lot of stuff has happened since I came back to India. I am trying to resurrect my career, and people are interested in working with me, despite the image that these Bollywood mafias have portrayed as being difficult… I am getting offers for films as well as web projects, in fact signed some also, but have noticed none they materialise. All of a sudden, the producers or director go in incognito mode, or sponsors drop.”