NASA claims that there’s a 72% chance of an asteroid hitting Earth on this day- Details

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JLP) is responsible for carefully tracking near-Earth objects such as asteroids, comets, and more. The agency studies their trajectory of close approach to our planet and categorises them as hazardous or non-hazardous objects. Since there are several asteroids of different sizes passing Earth each day, experts have located one such asteroid which has a 72 percent chance of hitting the Earth in the coming years. Know more about the asteroid encounter. 

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Asteroid hitting Earth 

According to NASA’s Fifth Asteroid Impact Exercise summary report, there is a 72 percent chance of an asteroid hitting Earth in nearly 14 years. The team conducted a hypothetical experiment that explored risk, chances, and response options, for the potential threats of space objects hitting the Earth.  Lindley Johnson, planetary defence officer emeritus at NASA said, “A large asteroid impact is potentially the only natural disaster humanity has the technology to predict years in advance and take action to prevent.”

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During the experiments, the team discovered a never-detected asteroid which is going to hit Earth in the future. However, the scientists were unable to determine the “size, composition, and long-term trajectory” of the asteroid. However, the information about the asteroid was extracted from NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission. It was also highlighted that the kinetic impactor could be used to change the trajectory of the asteroid.

Additionally, the summary also highlighted that currently, the agencies have limited resources to plan and implement space missions as part of disaster management. Furthermore, the concern requires global attention and coordination, for which time is limited. On the other hand, NASA suggested that they have time to prepare and respond. On the other hand, the space agency is also working on the  NEO Surveyor (Near-Earth Object Surveyor) which is set to launch in the year 2028. 

What is an NEO Surveyor (Near-Earth Object Surveyor)?

The NEO Surveyor is an infrared space telescope to track and study potentially hazardous near-Earth objects. The telescope is expected to have the ability to detect asteroids years before their potential impact. 

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