NEW DELHI: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Friday attacked the NDA government, saying that it is a minority government and has been formed by mistake. He further said that PM Modi doesn’t have a mandate and the government could fall anytime.
“NDA government has been formed by mistake. Modi ji doesn’t have the mandate. It’s a minority government.This government can fall anytime. We would like it to continue. Let it be good for the country. We should work together to strengthen the country. But our Prime Minister is habitual of not letting something go on well to continue. But we will cooperate towards strengthening the country,” said Kharge.

BJP in the Lok Sabha elections secured 240 seats, falling short of the majority mark of 272, and relied on its allies such as TDP, JDU, LJPRV to form the government. TDP, JDU and LJPRV won 16, 12 and 5 seats respectively.
Meanwhile, JDU MLC Neeraj Kumar hit back at the Congress president reminding him about about the performances of the Congress-led governments under PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh. The grand old party won 244 seats in the 1991 general elections and 114 in 2004.
Additionally, the JDU leader questioned whether Kharge was unfamiliar with the Congress party’s history, stating that the party is now trapped in the “99 ka Chakkar”.
However, Congress ally RJD supported Kharge’s stance. “Kharge is right! Popular mandate was against the Modi government. Voters didn’t accept him. Still, he rose to power,” said RJD spokesperson Ejaz Ahmad.

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