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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the leaders of the constituent parties present in the Parliament after he was elected as the leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) during the meeting of the newly elected MPs, ahead of the government formation. Narendra Modi said that this NDA alliance is the most successful pre-poll and is going to be most successful post-poll alliance.

Bow down, salute to all those who worked day and night, says PM Modi

“I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the leaders of the constituent parties present in this assembly hall, all the newly elected MPs and our Rajya Sabha MPs. It is a matter of happiness for me that I have had the opportunity to welcome such a large group here today. All those leaders who have come victorious deserve congratulations. The lakhs of workers who have worked day and night, today from this central hall, I bow down and salute them,” Narendra Modi said.

People gave NDA opportunity to form govt in 22 states, says PM Modi

“Very few people discuss this, perhaps it doesn’t suit them. But look at the strength of the great democracy of India – today, people have given NDA the opportunity to form a government and serve in 22 states.”

“…There are 10 states in our country where the number of our tribal brothers is decisively high, NDA is serving in 7 out of these 10 states…Whether it is Goa or Northeast, where the number of Christians is decisively high, NDA has got the opportunity to serve in those states as well…,” the Prime Minister said.

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