Bigg Boss OTT 3 has already been keeping the audience hooked to the screen. In the midst of all the drama, we witnessed the first eviction of the season. It was Indian boxer and mixed martial artist Neeraj Goyat who was evicted from the show. Now, in an exclusive chat with, Goyat shared that he feels his eviction was planned. The boxer also shed light on his opinion about Armaan Malik and his wives` entry in the show. Read on to know more!

Neeraj started the conversation by expressing his disappointment at being the first one to get evicted, and he shared that he believes his eviction was planned. “Yes, I am very disappointed. I couldn`t show my real self. When I came out, I realized people are loving me. Everybody liked me inside the house and outside as well. I think it is all planned, and I don`t understand why Bigg Boss did this to me,” he shared.

When asked if he would like to enter the house as a wild card, Neeraj shared, “I would love to go inside as a wild card since I couldn`t show my personality to everyone properly. When I came out, housemates were crying.”

“I believe the only person who’s winner material is Deepak Chourasia. The day he gets up from the chair, he will turn everything around. There is no one stronger than him,” he further shared.

Further in the conversation, Neeraj called out Armaan Malik, Sai Ketan, Sana Makbul, and Vishal Pandey for picking fights without any reason and shared, “I think Sana Sultan, Sai Ketan, and Poulomi Das don`t deserve to stay on the show.”

Before ending the chat, we asked Neeraj the question everyone wants an answer to. We questioned him if he thinks Armaan Malik, Payal Malik, and Kritika Malik’s entry in the show was the right decision. Answering the question, he said, “I think it`s totally wrong. Armaan`s two weddings are okay for him, but this gives a very wrong message to society. If we turn the situation around, if a girl gets married to two men, society will never accept it. It`s very wrong.”

On a parting note, Neeraj shared his opinion about the famous Vada Pav girl and said, “I feel Chandrika Dixit`s personality is very different than what we saw on Instagram.”

Hosted by Anil Kapoor, Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 will stream on Jio Cinema.