The government has centralised the NEET exam in Kota, Rahul Gandhi said.

Raising concerns over paper leaks, Rahul Gandhi said, “Commercial exams that you have created, in 7 years, 70 times paper have been leaked. In the President’s address, neither NEET nor Agniveer was mentioned. We requested a one-day discussion to resolve these issues together, but the government said this cannot be discussed.”

“NEET students spend years and years preparing for their exam. Their family supports them financially, and emotionally and the truth is that NEET students today do not believe in the exam because they are convinced that the exam is designed for rich people, not meritorious people,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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“I have met several NEET students. Every single one of them tells me that the exam is designed to create a quota for rich people and to create a passage for them into the system and is designed not to help poor students,” he added.

On Agnivee, the leader of the opposition said that Agniveer is ‘use-and-throw labour’ for government. “One Agniveer lost his life in a landmine blast but he is not called a ‘martyr’. ‘Agniveer’ is a use & throw labourer,” he said.

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