<p>NEET Paper Leak Case: Students across the country are demanding the cancellation of the NEET exam, alleging paper leakage. Meanwhile, a major disclosure has emerged regarding the NEET paper leak. The accused arrested in the paper leak case have made several surprising revelations.</p>
<p>In connection with the paper leak, 56-year-old junior engineer Sikandar Kumar Yadavendu from the Bihar government has confessed to his role. According to information, he admitted his involvement at the time of his arrest. Patna City SP West Abhinav Dhiman said, "We are currently investigating. Several pieces of information have come to light. The accused are being interrogated continuously."</p>
<p>Regarding this issue, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, "We are currently focusing on new information. The magnitude of the mistake will determine the severity of the action. Everyone’s accountability will be determined. No kind of misconduct will be tolerated. The accountability of the National Testing Agency will also be determined."</p>

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