In the highly anticipated sequel to the 2003 film ‘Ishq Vishk,’ producer Ramesh Taurani is introducing a bunch of newcomers, including Hrithik Roshan’s cousin Pashmina Roshan. Directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari, the movie will hit theaters on June 28. The producer revealed that Actress Pashmina Roshan, daughter of renowned composer Rajesh Roshan, bagged this role with her pure talent, not legacy.
In an interview with Forbes, Ramesh said that Pashmina’s talent was the sole basis for her earning the role, highlighting that her family background was not a factor. He recounts the audition process, revealing that Pashmina was initially unknown to them among the shortlisted 15 candidates. It was only during the contract discussions that they discovered her connection to the Roshan family. Despite Ramesh’s past extensive work with Pashmina’s father, Rajesh Roshan, there was no attempt from him to influence her selection for the role.

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He further talked about the importance of talent and merit in the film industry, emphasizing that success is not solely determined by one’s background, whether they are an outsider or from a film family. Hrithik, who has a rapport with him, did not approach him for Pashmina. Whether an actor is an outsider or a nepo kid, talent matters most. The original ‘Ishq Vishk’ launched Shahid, Amrita Rao, and Shenaz Treasurywala. Shahid is a big star now. Shenaz was also flooded with offers after the film, and Ramesh is keen to do more movies with these kids too.
He admits that they wanted newcomers for the film. According to him, Rohit Saraf, who has tasted fame already, will get a mainstream hero look in this. They had five rounds of auditions before choosing them.