NEW DELHI: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated on Wednesday that neo-liberal capitalism is a core reason for the rising drug consumption in society. He emphasized the need to eliminate this “highly competitive and exploitative” system. His statements were made in the context of World Drug Day, underscoring the importance of enhancing measures to combat drug abuse.
The Chief Minister conveyed his message through a Facebook post. He highlighted the significance of World Drug Day as a reminder for society to prevent the social menace of drug abuse. Vijayan pointed out that the state government has been organizing several awareness programs such as “vimukti” and “no-to-drugs” under the leadership of the state Excise Department.
“Drug consumption is fueled by the anarchy created by highly competitive and exploitative neoliberal capitalism. This system of exploitation and the sense of insecurity that surrounds it must be eradicated,” Vijayan wrote.
The Chief Minister concluded by expressing hope that World Drug Day would inspire liberation movements to achieve a world without exploitation.