Netflix recently released a new teen mystery K drama, Hierarchy. The drama hooked the viewers on its scandalous plot in a high school where a scholarship student thirsted for revenge and was adamant about bringing dark secrets to the forefront. The characters of the drama indulge in love triangles and others cope with bullying. The high-voltage drama and intense plotline attracted viewers from across the globe to the K drama, resulting in Hierarchy at the second position globally just three days after its release. The show stars young actors Oh Jeong-eui, Lee Chae-min, Kim Jae-won, Ji Hye-won, and Lee Won-jung and is directed by Bae Hyeong-jin who also directed the popular show Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow.

Hierarchy ranked at second position globally on Netflix charts(Netflix)

Hierarchy ranks second globally on Netflix’s Top 10 website

Released on June 7, Hierarchy is currently in second position globally on the Netflix top 10 list. The scandal teen mystery drama has secured the ranking within three days of its premiere on the streaming platform. According to the Netflix Top 10 on June 12, the show has garnered a viewership of 3.5 million views from June 7-9, ranking 2nd in the Netflix TOP 10 non-English TV category.

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The show has gained popularity and ranked first in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The show has made its place in the Top 10 list in 51 countries which include Korea, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, France, Nigeria, India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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Can we expect a season 2?

Hierarchy is known to be a limited series on Netflix. However, with such mass popularity and success in viewership fans of the show cannot help but speculate about season 2 of the K-drama. The ending of the show was satisfactory as the characters completed the full circle of their learning and returned to the institution with a fresh perspective.

But the post-credit scene hints at a second season as it shows Hae-ra entering a classroom to find the lifeless body of a student, drenched in blood. Later, Ri-an received a foreboding message, and all the students were informed of the recent death, this time occurring within the premises. With a murderer on the loose and mystery looming around the murder, the idea of a second season is not far-fetched.

A user on X wrote, “This show was literally so good bro the series had me hooked the whole time I was glued to the screen completely! I really hope we get a Season 2 id love to see what happens next…No I NEEDDDD to see what happens next.”

A second user wrote, “That ending tho- likeeeee who’s that new principal? Who’s JaeYi’s mom and why she hidden? AND WHO DEAD IN THE CUT SCENE and why is RiAn involved I need a S2.”

A third user agreed,”he door is open for #Hierarchy2.”

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