Netizens outraged as Sreenath Bhasi uses derogatory language during performance

A viral video of actor Sreenath Bhasi recently surfaced, showing him using cuss words on stage while performing. He was singing the song ‘Jaada’ from the movie ‘Aavesham’.
Many viewers have started bashing the actor in the comments section of the video for his use of derogatory language. The crowd in the video was seen cheering when Bhasi used the offensive words, which has also drawn heavy criticism from netizens. One user commented, ‘One of the most overrated stars of the new generation, with the worst character and film career in the Malayalam industry’. Another user added, ‘He should be arrested’. Despite the backlash, the actor has not responded to the video.

The actor was previously arrested in 2022 for allegedly hurling abusive words at a woman journalist during an interview. 
The incident took place while Bhasi was participating in a promotional interview for his film ‘Chattambi’.

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