New Chip could bring X-ray vision to your phone

Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and Seoul National University have developed an innovative imager chip inspired by Superman’s X-ray vision. This could enable mobile devices to detect objects inside packages or behind walls.

The chip, designed for handheld devices, can find studs, beams, wiring, pipe cracks, or envelope contents. Potential medical applications are also being explored. The research, published in IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science & Technology, showcases advancements that make the technology compact and high-quality.

New sensor could revolutionise crop monitoring

Pic/RMIT University

An international team of engineers has developed a compact, lightweight sensor system with infrared imaging capabilities that can be easily fitted to drones for remote crop monitoring. This flat-optics technology, which could replace traditional optical lenses, allows farmers to precisely identify crop needs for irrigation, fertilisation, and pest control, potentially leading to higher yields and cheaper groceries. Published in Nature Communications, the sensor system rapidly switches between edge detection and detailed infrared imaging, reducing data volume and the need for bulky processors.

Resin 3D printers with a single chip

Researchers at MIT and the University of Texas at Austin have demonstrated a groundbreaking chip-based 3D printer that fits in the palm of your hand. This compact device, detailed in Nature Light Science and Applications, uses a millimetre-scale photonic chip to emit reconfigurable light beams, curing resin into solid shapes.

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