Nia Sharma has been one of the leading actresses in the television industry, wowing audiences with her roles in shows like `Jamai Raja` and `Naagin.` However, for the past four years, the actress has been keeping away from TV. Now, she is all set to make a comeback with a rather unconventional role in a daily soap titled `Suhaagan Chudail.`

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, the actress addressed her break and said that though it was not a conscious decision, she didn’t mind it. “I also happened to ask myself why I sat for so long when there were offers coming to me left, right, and center. I wasn’t begging for work. I could afford to take this break and just sit back and relax, and find a project that would suit me. I was okay with this phase. I am not someone who is afraid of fading away,” said the `Naagin` star.

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“With the amount of work that I have done till now, I sit in a chill space and I take pride in saying that I don’t have to go out and make myself known every day. It wasn’t my conscious decision, but we are in a volatile field where we wouldn’t know what is going to happen next,” Nia said.

Further, as she talked about her break, she shared that she was waiting for the right script to make her comeback. “That`s because I didn’t find them interesting enough. But, I am so glad that with television, every show that comes, they make sure to call me; karna na karna is a different thing. I don’t go and tell people specially that maine yeh aur vo show refuse kardia, that’s not in my nature. After four years, I think I am back with a banger,” Sharma concluded.

Nia Sharma also said that the comeback she is now making was something she wasn’t ready for. It took her multiple rounds of discussions and meetings with the makers before she decided to take up `Suhaagan Chudail` as her comeback show.

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