COIMBATORE: Transport authorities in Coimbatore have detained nine omnibuses with registrations from other states due to non-compliance with the June 18 deadline announced by the Tamil Nadu government to re-register their vehicles.
A senior official with the transport department said the vehicles had been impounded over the last three days. A fine of Rs.10,000 was imposed on each of the nine buses.
Alternative buses were arranged for passengers to reach their destinations. The detained buses are registered in states such as Nagaland, Pondicherry and Karnataka.
Special teams have been formed to check the omnibuses. Owners of omni buses are advised to immediately obtain a no objection certificate (NOC) from the states concerned and re-register their vehicles in Tamil Nadu.
“At the very least, they should get an NOC from the states concerned. Until then, the buses will remain in our custody,” said joint transport commissioner S KM Sivakumaran.
He mentioned that Tamil Nadu was losing revenue due to vehicles registered in other states operating without permits in Tamil Nadu. The government had extended the deadline several times to re-register such vehicles within Tamil Nadu. However, many buses are still operating without re-registration.
Officials said they had been advising passengers to avoid travelling in buses registered in other states until their re-registration in Tamil Nadu is complete.
In a recently issued circular, the transport commissioner noted that more than 800 omnibuses registered outside the state were being used as stage carriers.
N Senthilkumar, secretary of the Coimbatore Omnibus Owners Association, said, “We had a meeting with transport department officials. Regarding the buses registered in states like Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, the officials told us that they would immediately give permits to re-register if the vehicles have all the valid documents like insurance and fitness certificates. Until then, the buses won’t be allowed to operate.”
“In Coimbatore alone, we have more than 500 omnibuses, and around 100 of them are registered in other states. Soon, all the buses will be re-registered with the regional transport offices,” he added.