No one has suffered as much as Mammootty: Nishad reacts to Tini Tom's 'Bramayugam' skit

Filmmaker MA Nishad has responded to actor and mimicry artist Tini Tom, who imitated Mammootty’s Koduman Potti in a comedy spoof of ‘Bramayugam’. Sharing pictures of Mammootty and Tini in Koduman Potti’s costume, Nishad wrote, “Just for horror! When we complain about having bad times, think about the plight of Mammookka, who had to watch Tini Tom’s ‘Bramayugam’ skit. No one has suffered as much in life.”

Tini Tom appeared as Koduman Potti in a comedy skit performed at the Vanitha Film Awards. Mammootty had mesmerized both the audience and critics with his scintillating performance and unique get-up as Koduman Potti in the blockbuster movie ‘Bramayugam’.
Tini was joined by Bijukuttan and Hareesh Kanaran on stage. The trio humorously portrayed an imaginary situation where a politician visits Potti’s mana (ancestral home) asking for votes. The skit was performed in front of a large audience, including actors like Prithviraj, Mammootty, and Mohanlal.