COIMBATORE: BJP national women’s wing president Vanathi Srinivasan said that there was no rift between the leaders of the party’s state unit.
Speaking to reporters in Coimbatore on Sunday, Vanathi Srinivasan said rumours were being spread by those who are unable to digest the growth of BJP.
She said TN BJP has become stronger than ever. “It has laid a strong foundation and is making steady progress.Those who are unable to digest this growth are spreading false information that there’s a rift among leaders, and that there was confusion in the party and a lack of cooperation for Annamalai,” she said. But, our cadres do not fall for this misinformation campaign. BJP has seen much bigger problems, she said.
She said BJP was the only party that functions in a democratic manner in the whole country. Later in a statement, she said DMK front won 40 seats only because opposition votes were divided. DMK was the only party in TN which has no courage to fight elections on its own, she said.