While Indian Swifties are mourning the fact that our country is not on Mama Swift’s itinerary for her ongoing iconic Eras Tour, we have found a silver lining in the form of Taylor Swift fan events. Swifties in Mumbai and across India have been buzzing with excitement as these fan-organized events dedicated to the global pop sensation have swept through one city after another. On average, these events draw an impressive crowd of approximately 200 to 250 Swifties per gathering. 

You may wonder, how did this all start? Why are these events so wildly popular? Well, we`ve got the answers for you. In a conversation with the mastermind behind these events, Ashmeet Singh Saluja shared the journey of how he started hosting these fan gatherings and the unique experiences he provides for Swifties attending them.

Ashmeet starts by speaking about the origins of this event, “I approached a club in Indore and launched an Instagram account to promote the event. To my delight, my first Taylor Swift fan event in Indore drew a crowd of 45 enthusiastic Swifties. As fate would have it, in early April, one of my memes went viral on my Instagram account. This unexpected surge in popularity led to requests pouring in from Mumbai, and I decided to take the plunge. With a mix of excitement and trepidation, I ventured into Mumbai, hoping to gather around 100 Swifties. Miraculously, my efforts paid off, and I managed to unite a staggering 450 Swifties across two events on May 6th and May 7th.”

From there, the Taylor Swift fan events have only gained more momentum, spreading to cities like Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore, with plans to expand even further.

Taylor Swift`s global fan base is massive, but what sets Ashmeet`s events apart from the rest? He explains, “What sets our events apart is the exclusive content we curate. We source videos from the actual Eras Tour in the US, captured by passionate Swifties who attended the tour. These are rare, never-before-seen clips that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. We painstakingly edit these videos to provide our attendees with an immersive concert experience.”

But it doesn`t stop there. Attendees are also treated to complimentary makeup and temporary tattoo stalls, as well as snacks and beverages to keep the energy high.

While organizing these fan events has been immensely rewarding, Saluja has also faced many challenges, Ashmeet said to Mid-Day, “Organizing these fan events has been an immensely rewarding journey, but not without its unique challenges. One of the foremost challenges is selecting an appropriate venue that caters to attendees of all age groups, is conveniently located, and fits within our budget constraints.” He elaborates, “One noteworthy challenge I encountered was the imitation of my events by others who subsequently failed to deliver the same quality experience. This not only tarnishes the essence of the concept but also disappoints fans who attend such events. I`ve even had attendees come to my events after a negative experience at a different one, assuming it was also hosted by me.” 

While Pune Swifties get to enjoy the spectacular event on September 16, Ashmeet promises Swifties in Mumbai that there are exciting plans on the horizon, which are even bigger and better than the last.