No to body shaming, yes to respectful comedy: Urvashi speaks out against body shaming in movies

Actress Urvashi is receiving exceptional reviews for her latest release ‘Ullozhukku,’ which also stars Parvathy Thiruvothu and is directed by Christo Tomy.
During an interview with The Cue Studio, Urvashi opened up about body shaming in movies. She mentioned that there is often a character in films who the hero keeps nagging or taunting, usually in a comedic role. Urvashi stated that even though these roles are meant to be funny, the actors playing them have families and feelings too.

“I won’t do such roles. I will only do comedy that does not hurt anyone. It is not right to make fun of someone’s appearance and call it comedy. It is not right to name-call a disabled person and say it’s funny. To hear people speak out against body shaming now, I feel happy,” she said.
She further explained that as a judge in comedy programs, she refrains from endorsing any team that resorts to such jokes, emphasizing that such comments only perpetuate negativity. “I will give them zero marks if they pass out such body-shaming jokes in comedy skits,” she added.