If sipping a glass of milk is said to be the key to a healthy life, then a dash of nutmeg can amp up the advantages even more by encouraging calmness, calming the nerves, and bringing on a deeper, more peaceful sleep. In Indian cooking, this spice—more commonly referred to as jaiphal—works like magic on the brain, reducing tension and improving sleep quality.Kesar or saffron is touted as the world’s most expensive spice for a reason. It is considered a healthy elixir for youthfulness due to its antioxidant qualities. Here are 5 benefits of sipping a glass of nutmeg-kesar milk at night:

Antioxidant tonic

It is full of antioxidants, which have many positive effects on our body and brain. Jaiphal improves blood sugar regulation, strengthens bones, lowers cancer risk, and improves digestion.

Boost heart health

Saffron, being high in riboflavin and thiamin, improves heart health. This helps protect against heart disease. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which also indirectly regulate cholesterol levels to minimize the severity of atherosclerosis, it helps to maintain healthy arteries.

Sleep soundly

It’s also great for those who have trouble falling asleep at night. It encourages sound sleep and aids in the management of thyroid problems, insulin resistance, insomnia, weakness, and restless legs syndrome. Studies have shown that nutmeg has therapeutic qualities that aid in nerve relaxation. Ayurveda suggests that having a glass of milk with a pinch of nutmeg will aid improve sleep quality.

Makes you happy

This milk supports a strong gut. Additionally, it is believed to have mood-enhancing qualities, which could promote relaxation and facilitate a restful night’s sleep. Milk’s high tryptophan and calcium content support the body’s natural relaxing mechanisms, which heighten feelings of happiness.

Lowers the risk of cancer

Saffron is rich in crocetin and crocin. All of them have the potential to show antitumor effects and could be used as cancer chemopreventive drugs.

How to make nutmeg kesar milk

Warm up some milk and stir in a small teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg and 2-3 kesar strands to make nutmeg milk. For added flavor, you can also add grated dates or almonds. Mix thoroughly, then savor the soothing and somnolent drink.

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