Thiruvananthapuram: As many as 60 volunteers gathered at Vettukadu beach on Wednesday to celebrate our oceans. The event was held to mark World Ocean Day which falls on June 8. Clinus Rozario, Vettucaud ward councillor, officially kicked off the event. ‘Catalysing Action for Our Ocean and Climate’ is the theme of this year’s World Ocean Day.
The marine stewardship council (MSC) and co-hosts used the opportunity to emphasize the importance of sustainable fishing practices in preserving ocean health.
The event addressed not just overfishing and climate change, but also the critical issue of ocean plastic pollution. Organizers aimed to raise awareness about this growing threat and promote responsible recycling habits to keep India’s coastlines clean. Following the formal proceedings, students from the PMS College of Dental Science and local fishers volunteered to clean the beach.
“Sustainable fishing practices ensure a thriving ocean and safeguard a valuable food source for present and future generations,” said Ranjit Suseelan, head of MSC in India. He pointed out that oceans cover over 70% of the planet, generate half its oxygen, harbour most of Earth’s biodiversity and is the main protein source for billions of people. Sadly, these essential ecosystems face immense pressure, with over a third of global fish stocks being overfished, he said.
However, evidence shows that well-managed fisheries can maintain healthy stock levels and even rebuild depleted populations, making responsible practices even more crucial, he said.

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