HYDERABAD: IT player OpenText has opened its new development centre spread over 1.9 lakh sq ft in the city’s Financial District with a capacity to seat around 1,500 techies.
The new centre will serve as a hub for the company’s engineering operations, the company said on Tuesday.
The company, which already has around 2,000 people in Hyderabad, has a total headcount of over 6,000 employees across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.
OpenText said the investment follows a 25% growth in its Hyderabad workforce over the past two years and will serve as a base for continued growth that it anticipates in the next few years.
“Engineers at the Hyderabad development center lead significant product development programmes for many of OpenText’s Business Clouds and play a key role in the company’s global AI innovations. The new facility will also serve as a work base for the company’s current crop of interns and graduates,” it said.
The company pointed out that in Hyderabad OpenText has run an internship program since 2010 with approximately 40% of interns transitioning into full-time employees, creating significant job opportunities to aspiring graduates.
OpenText executive vice president & chief product officer Muhi Majzoub said the expansion of operations in Hyderabad was a strategic move that underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in India.
“In addition to strengthening our capacity for product development, it reflects the incredible talent and dedication of our Hyderabad team, who play a pivotal role in driving OpenText’s global innovation efforts. It is also a testament to how far we have come since we first began our operations here in 2009,” he said.

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