I firmly believe that empowering teachers through high-quality support material and resources is pivotal for driving India’s educational transformation. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2022 have laid down a clear mandate recognizing this need. But we must also recognize the fact that teachers today are already overburdened with numerous responsibilities that extend beyond classroom instruction – documentation, training, administrative tasks, etc. Providing them with easy-to-use and adaptable teaching resources can be a force multiplier, which will potentially free up their time and save their energy to focus on what they do best – nurturing young minds.

The NEP 2020 envisions teachers as being at the “heart of the learning process” and emphasizes providing continuous professional development. This has to be supplemented with teaching material aligned to the principles of competency-based pedagogy. Specifically, the policy calls for developing comprehensive teachers’ manuals and other support material, containing lesson plans, pedagogical ideas, and more.

Building on this, the NCF 2022 provides comprehensive guidelines for creating engaging and relevant teaching materials. It recommends materials that promote experiential learning, integrate art/heritage/environment connections and leverage technology in appropriate ways across all subjects and stages.

Catering to this rigorous framework requires innovative, multimedia teacher resources that not only supplement textbook content but also enable effective curriculum transaction through diverse pedagogical approaches. This is where the latest technology trends can be game-changers for the educational publishing industry.

The Tech Revolution

Technology is a wonderful enabler when it comes to education. We have been privy to the role and use of technology in imparting education for the past four years. I believe that technology can play an equally important part when it comes to providing teachers with innovative support materials:

  1. Rapid digitization and online learning models necessitate digital-first, interactive resources like multimedia lesson plans, simulations, and assessment tools accessible anytime, anywhere.
  2. Gamification, AR/VR, and immersive multimedia can transform dull, static content into highly engaging, experiential learning journeys. 
  3. Adaptive assessments in line with the NEP mandate of a Holistic Progress Card (HPC) for continuous and easy monitoring of a student’s progress
  4. Accessibility tools like text-to-speech and translations enable the creation of genuinely inclusive resources for diverse student populations.

Implementation And The Vision

The policy frameworks have made it amply clear that there needs to be continuous teacher training, student-centric pedagogies, competency-based learning and more importantly integration of digital resources. All this requires much more than just textbooks. We need comprehensive lesson plans, multimedia tools, assessments, and the works. As publishers, we play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between policy vision and effective implementation on the ground.

Quality teacher manuals, workbooks, assessments, and multimedia tools can empower the teachers to facilitate and mentor. A good portfolio of teacher support material serves as a catalyst for increasing student engagement, shifting the classroom dynamic from one-way instruction to a more collaborative discovery-based application of concepts.  

As the Indian education system undergoes a seismic shift catalyzed by NEP 2020, we have an unprecedented opportunity to cement our role as partners in this transformative journey. By harnessing technology judiciously to create innovative, world-class teacher support material, we can build an ecosystem that uplifts and enables our nation’s educators while fostering an enriching, future-focused learning environment for every student.


Yash Mehta is the CEO of ABP Education.

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