Oppo collaborates with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek for AI innovation; files over 5,000 patents globally

OPPO is planning to make artificial intelligence accessible on smartphones across all price ranges by the end of 2024. To achieve this, the company has announced that it has established an AI R&D Centre and is collaborating with industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and chipset manufacturers MediaTek and Qualcomm to integrate more AI features into everyday life.

In February, OPPO announced the opening of the OPPO AI Centre in Shenzhen, aimed at consolidating resources and fostering the systematic development of AI capabilities in areas including image processing, computer vision, speech technology, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

IDC’s latest report, “Time to Democratise the Impact of AI Tech,” highlights the significant potential of this market, predicting a 250 percent growth in shipments of AI-enabled phones priced under $1000, reaching 35 million units in 2024. 

According to IDC, generative AI will increasingly become a part of daily life, enhancing experiences in entertainment, mobile productivity, and more.

OPPO’s flagship series will feature Google’s Gemini family LLMs, introducing AI features such as the AI Toolbox with AI Writer and AI Recording Summary. The AI Writer offers content suggestions, including sentence completions, word choices, and grammar corrections, and supports seamless language translation for multi-language content creation. The AI Record Summary automatically summarizes meetings, transcripts, and podcasts, highlighting important details such as dates, names, and specific terms.

This year, OPPO stated that it introduced over 100 generative AI capabilities to its phones and has filed more than 5,399 AI patents globally, including 3,796 for AI imaging. The company’s ongoing investment in technology research and development spans key fields such as SuperVOOC flash charging, imaging algorithms that recognize age, gender, and skin tones, and the Battery Health Engine that extends battery life.

To reinforce its AI ecosystem, OPPO has formed strategic partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek. “With our persistent efforts and dedication, OPPO aims to make AI phones accessible to everyone,” said Billy Zhang, President of Overseas Marketing, Sales, and Service at OPPO.

Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer of OPPO, added, “Next-gen AI smartphones will represent a major transformative stage in the mobile phone industry. We are committed to becoming a leader and promoter of AI smartphones. We look forward to collaborating with our industry partners to drive innovation in the mobile phone industry and reshape the intelligent mobile experience.”

In collaboration with Microsoft, OPPO is enhancing voice and text conversion experiences with Microsoft’s Fast Transcription and Neural TTS technologies. Using Azure AI Speech Service, OPPO has developed a smooth user experience for audio recording transcription. The partnership also aims to strengthen the connection between desktop AI and smartphones, allowing users to leverage Desktop Copilot for content generation, text translation, and address searches on their smartphones via a connected PC.

OPPO is also working with MediaTek to bring innovative AI phone experiences to its users. Both companies are developing chipsets with dedicated AI processing units (NPU) and accelerators. OPPO’s collaboration with these chipmakers focuses on optimizing AI features for its hardware and software, resulting in smoother performance and more efficient AI processing on its smartphones. Additionally, OPPO is developing custom AI frameworks tailored to its needs, leveraging the expertise of chipmakers while creating unique AI features for its devices.



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Published: 05 Jun 2024, 08:23 PM IST

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