Oppo to integrate AI across all smartphones by 2024; Partners with Google, Microsoft, MediaTek

Oppo plans to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into all its smartphones by the end of 2024. The company has initiated an AI Research and Development Centre and is collaborating with technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek to integrate AI features into its devices.

Oppo’s Advancements in AI Technology

Earlier this year, Oppo established the OPPO AI Centre in Shenzhen. The centre focuses on developing AI capabilities in image processing, computer vision, speech technology, natural language processing, and machine learning. Oppo ensures that user data will not be used for training its models, maintaining strong data security and privacy protection with third-party certifications and advanced encryption technologies.

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According to a report by IDC, shipments of AI-enabled phones priced under $1,000 are expected to increase by 250% in 2024, reaching 35 million units. This growth reflects the rising integration of AI in daily life, enhancing experiences in entertainment, mobile work, and more.

Partnership for Enhanced Features

Since 2020, Oppo has been developing its own Large Language Models (LLMs) and has deployed a 7-billion-parameter LLM directly on its devices. The company has introduced over 100 generative AI features to its phones and has filed more than 5,399 AI patents globally, including 3,796 patents related to AI imaging.

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Oppo’s collaboration with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek aims to enhance its AI capabilities. The flagship series will include Google’s Gemini LLMs, offering features like AI Writer and AI Recording Summary. The AI Writer assists with content creation by suggesting sentence completions, word choices, and grammar corrections, and supports seamless language translation. The AI Recording Summary can automatically summarise meetings, transcripts, and podcasts, highlighting key information.

Improving User Experience

In partnership with Microsoft, Oppo will introduce features like Microsoft Fast Transcription and Neural Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies. These will enhance voice and text conversion, allowing users to enjoy smooth transcription experiences on their devices. Oppo users will also be able to use Microsoft’s Desktop Copilot to generate content, translate text messages, and search for addresses on their smartphones via a connected PC.

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Oppo’s collaboration with MediaTek focuses on developing chipsets with dedicated AI processing units (NPUs) and accelerators. This partnership aims to optimise AI features for Oppo’s hardware and software, ensuring better performance and efficient AI processing on its smartphones.

Nicole Zhang, GM of AI Product at Oppo, highlighted the significance of generative AI, stating that it marks a major milestone in the evolution of artificial intelligence. She emphasised that Oppo’s deep collaboration with Google Cloud plays a crucial role in advancing AI phones.

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