Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a dig at Congress for its repeated “1/3rd government” comment in Parliament, saying nothing could be a bigger truth than this.

In his address in the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament, Modi said he was grateful to a few colleagues in Congress”.  He said he observed a colleague “who was not supported by his party, but he held his party’s flag all alone”. 

Modi went on to say:”unke muh mein ghee shakkar. Why am I saying this? He repeatedly said “1/3rd government”. What can be a bigger truth than this? We have completed 10 years now and there is 20 more to go. So, we have completed 1/3rd, 2/3rd remains. So, ‘unke muh mein ghee shakkar’ for his prophecy.”

On Tuesday, the opposition MPs were shouting slogans throughout PM’s speech in Lok Sabha. However, he continued his speech in Lok Sabha amid chants of ‘Justice for Manipur’ and ‘Bharat Jodo’ by the opposition members. The PM accused the Congress and its ‘ecosystem’ of insulting Hindus and plotting a ‘conspiracy’ to falsely claim Hindus were violent.

The Prime Minister urged Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to take strict action on what happened Monday, which, he said, was a “slap on the wisdom of our people and our great national traditions.” Though he did not name Rahul Gandhi, the PM was referring to the speech of the Leader of Opposition’s (LoP) speech in Lok Sabha on July 1, in which he launched a scathing attack on Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) for an alleged ‘assault’ on the idea of India.

In his first speech as the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi displayed posters of religious figures, including Lord Shiva, to target the ruling party. Portions of remarks from Rahul Gandhi’s speech were expunged from the records of Parliament on July 2.

Modi dismissed Rahul Gandhi’s passionate speech as “Balak Buddhi” in his own address. Modi brought up a past political event when he said, “When this childish behaviour takes over, they hug anyone in parliament. When this childish behaviour crosses its limits, then they wink while sitting inside the House” referring to an occasion in 2018 where Rahul Gandhi had hugged the Prime Minister and then winked at other MP’s a few hours later.

Modi ended his speech by saying, “I pray to God to give them wisdom. ‘Balak buddhi ko bhi sadbuddhi de,” roughly translated as “Please God, give wisdom to the child’s mind,” clearly referring to opposing political leader Rahul Gandhi.

Modi’s sharp attack was prompted by Rahul Gandhi’s claims the day prior. He alleged that some leaders had spread violence and hate in the name of Hinduism. This prompted Modi’s response and the remarks aimed at Rahul Gandhi.