Thiruvananthapuram: State govt launched a post-transplant audit in the wake of reports of an increase in non-relative organ donation at some transplant centres in the state. However, govt has made it clear that they have no information on human trafficking for organ donation.
Kerala state organ and tissue transplant organization (K-SOTO) executive director Dr Noble Gracious said already three important transplant centres were screened and primary data collection has been done.A detailed inspection will be conducted at other transplant centres and a report will be submitted to state govt.
He said that K-SOTO is yet to receive any tip related to human trafficking for organ donation. Information on donors subjected to human trafficking is not available in K-SOTO’s database as they are not admitted to any transplant centre in Kerala nor had undergone tests in any of the centres here.
There are two ways of organ donation. Live donation (kidney and liver only) where patients receive organs from living persons and deceased organ donation where organs can be donated after death. The general public often takes these two types of organ donation as the same thing.
In Kerala, in the last five years only less than 10% of organ donations have taken place in the deceased organ donation category, said Dr Gracious.
In five years, 286 people got a new life through deceased organ donation. Only 90 people have done deceased organ donation in Kerala in the last five years. This was 19 people in 2019, 21 in 2020, 17 in 2021, 14 in 2022 and 19 in 2023. TNN

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