NEW DELHI: More than 60 establishments in Mumbai, including the BMC, prominent hospitals and colleges received emails threatening bomb blasts, following which searches were carried and nothing suspicious was found.
The Mumbai police informed that they received a bomb threat call from an unidentified person, who threatened to blow up the BMC headquarters.The police also said that a thorough investigation of the BMC headquarter building revealed nothing suspicious.
Deeper investigation into the matter has been launched, the police confirmed.
“Mumbai’s BMC headquarters received a threatening email. The unknown person threatened to blow up the headquarters. The police investigated the BMC headquarters but did not find anything suspicious. In this case, further investigation is underway,” Mumbai police said in a statement.
This threat follows a series of bomb threats received by over 50 hospitals and a college in Mumbai. Hospitals including Jaslok, Raheja, Seven Hills, Kohinoor, KEM, JJ, and St. George, as well as Hinduja College of Commerce in Girgaon, were targeted via email.