Image Source : SANSAD TV (X) Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses in Rajya Sabha.

PM Modi in Rajya Sabha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, replying to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address, came down heavily on the Congress-led Opposition over its multiple incidents of making mockery of democracy during its rule and then lecturing the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, claiming threat to the Constitution.

PM Modi raked up multiple incidents, pertaining to UPA I and UPA II regimes and said that it is the Congress party which is the biggest opponent of the Constitution. PM Modi’s sharp retort came in the backdrop of the grand old party’s claims that ‘Samvidhaan’ (Constitution) is under threat in the Modi government.

Citing multiple incidents of how Congress mocked the Samvidhaan, PM Modi asked, “Who gave the power to National Advisory Council (NAC) to overrule the Prime Minister post? Who allowed the PM’s chair to be ridiculed?”

“Who gave the power to a Congress MP to rip apart a Cabinet note,” he asked, referring to the incident when Rahul tore a note before the press.

He also cornered the Congress party on Emergency and Turkman Gate incidents and recalled how democracy was decimated during those times of Cong rule.

PM recalls ‘Emergency’ time

Recalling the tragic times of Emergency, PM Modi said: “Democracy was trampled upon, common people were harassed, many were jailed and tortured inside prisons.”

He said that despite the dark history of oppression and suppression during its rule, Congress today makes tall claims about protection of Constitution and tries to hide its dark deeds by waving a copy of Samvidhaan.

PM Modi reiterated the ‘Parjeevi Congress’ charge and said that the party has no standing of its own and relies on its allies for public support. However, it doesn’t have anything substantial other than canards and lies to woo the electorate.

‘We got mandate to make India 3rd largest economy’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday outlined the thrust of the BJP-led government’s economic policy. Speaking in Rajya Sabha during the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address, the PM said, “There will be a rapid transformation in public transportation in the country and the footprints of technology will be seen in many sectors.”

When India becomes the third largest economy, it will have a positive impact not only domestically but also at the global level, the Prime Minister pointed out. PM Modi said, “Our economy has moved from the 10th position in the world to the fifth spot and we have now got the mandate to make India the third largest economy.”

“The opportunity given to us for the third time by the people of the country is to strengthen the determination to realise the goal of ‘Viksit Bharat’ and Atmanirbhar Bharat,” the Prime Minister added.

PM on NDA’s PM-Kisan scheme 

He said the return of his government for the third term would strengthen the journey towards fulfilling this objective. Listing the achievements of the government, the Prime Minister said only 3 crore farmers were beneficiaries of UPA’s loan waiver, but the NDA’s PM-Kisan scheme has benefited over 10 crore farmers.

He said the government has strengthened the agriculture sector with micro planning ranging from farm to market. The people of the country have given their support to the work done by BJP-led NDA govt in the last 10 years, he added.

‘People rejected propaganda, voted for performance’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the 2024 general election verdict showed people have rejected propaganda and voted for performance. Replying to the debate on a motion thanking the President for her address to the joint sitting of the Parliament, he said politics of misleading people has been defeated.

In his address in Rajya Sabha, Modi said that for his party BJP, the Constitution is not just a compilation of articles but its spirit and words are very important too. It acts like a lighthouse for governments, he said adding the Constitution Day will disseminate the spirit of the Constitution in the country.

Modi said this is the first time in six decades that a government has returned to power after being in the office for 10 years. The third term for the BJP-led NDA is for making India a developed and self-reliant nation, he said.

The verdict is to make India the world’s third largest economy from the current fifth. he said. He took potshots at the Congress for its statement that the country was bound to grow irrespective of who was in power. Those who ran the government on the auto-pilot mode can only make such statements, he said.

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