NEW DELHI: Amid a severe water crisis in Delhi, BJP leader Ramesh Bidhuri led a protest at the Jal Board filling pump in Okhla on Saturday.

The protesters, voicing their frustration over the ongoing water shortage, were met with water cannons by the police – a stark irony given the current situation.
Residents of Delhi have been grappling with a severe lack of drinking water for months.
Reacting to the video, citizens were unimpressed and highlighted the irony: ‘Delhi is suffering from a water crisis, yet the police are using water cannons on protesters.’
Another user commented on the situation: “Water shortage in Delhi, and police using water cannon—ironic!
‘Atishi hunger strike
Amid Delhi’s ongoing severe water crisis, AAP minister Atishi began an indefinite hunger strike on Friday in Bhogal, South Delhi.
The purpose of this strike is to exert pressure on Haryana to ensure the daily supply of 100 million gallons of water to Delhi.