Post Suresh Gopi’s victory, Nimisha Sajayan faces cyber attack

Actor Nimisha Sajayan became the target of several trolls following fellow actor and politician Suresh Gopi’s victory in the Lok Sabha elections. The actor has turned off the comments section in response to the cyber attacks. BJP sympathisers and loyalists dug up a previous remark made by the actor during a protest rally held against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Kochi in 2019.
During the protest, the actor had said, “We didn’t give Thrissur when they asked. It is to us they are asking India. We won’t give it to them (sic).” Nimisha made the statement referring to Suresh Gopi’s popular catchphrase, “Thrissur enikku venam, thrissur enikku tharanam, thrissur njan ingu edukkuva (I wan’t Thrissur. You should give me Thrissur. I am taking Thrissur).
Suresh Gopi, who had previously lost two elections emerged victorious in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. The actor won with a margin of 74,686 votes, in the Thrissur constituency, which was considered a safe bet for the Congress, that fielded popular leader K Muraleedharan.

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