Thiruvananthapuram: The Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi, a prominent trade body in the state, has criticized the Trivandrum Development Authority (TRIDA) for issuing a notice requiring tenants in TRIDA-owned shopping complexes to pay building tax to the city corporation. In a statement, the trade body alleged that this demand was an unlawful attempt to exploit traders and should not be accepted.
The Samithi argued that even when a building is rented out, the property owner is responsible for paying the property tax.“It is unjust and illegal to impose overdue property taxes on tenants who have rented the buildings for business purposes. The mismanagement by TRIDA should not result in heavy fines being unfairly placed on the tenants. Such actions could send a wrong message to those who believe that renting govt or semi-govt-owned buildings is safe and could erode trust in govt systems,” a member stated.
The trade body also criticized the requirement that tenants must settle overdue property taxes to renew their licenses through the K-SMART system, claiming it creates a crisis for tenants. They suggested extending the deadline for license renewal and reviewing the High Court’s ruling that a license should not be denied due to the owner’s failure to pay property tax.
The Samithi members have demanded immediate withdrawal of notices sent to tenants in TRIDA buildings, asking them to pay property taxes.

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