According to reports, a protest against actor Prakash Raj was staged in Karnataka’s Kalaburgi over his alleged anti-Hindu statements recently. On Sunday, a group of pro-Hindus reportedly protested by wearing black outfits and chanting slogans against him. The cops arrested the protestors, as per a report in India Today. 

As per the report, members of a pro-Hindu organisation submitted a memorandum to the Kalaburgi DM/DC (District Magistrate/ Deputy Commissioner) stating reasons for their protest against the actor. The incident took place a couple of days before Prakash`s scheduled visit to Kalaburgi for a dialogue event. As per Prakash`s schedule, he was supposed to also watch a play based on the human tragedy of war, titled Gayagalu.

On Saturday, Prakash attended an event associated with the golden jubilee celebrations of the DC Books. According to PTI, the actor spoke about violence in Manipur and communal disharmony. He said, It is clear that the society will deteriorate when citizens blindly and unquestioningly follow a leader or an ideology, say nationalism, like what is happening in this country today. And if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Prakash added, “Today when you see Manipur, these wounds tell us what a communal war or violence has brought to us. Who suffers the most, the women, the children, the future. Because these wounds are deeper than flesh. Did we not learn from it? When I see the 16-17-year-old youngsters in the processions brandishing swords and guns, my heart cries. They don`t have dreams. They don`t know what the future holds for them. Who brainwashed them and why are we silent about it?”

In August, Prakash was booked in a police station in Karnataka`s Bagalkot district over a social media post, in which he allegedly mocked India`s ambitious third lunar mission, Chandrayaan-3. He shared a caricature of a man in a shirt and lungi pouring tea. Sharing the picture on X, Prakash wrote, “First view just arrived from Chandrayaan .. #VikramLander #justasking”


Faced with social media outrage Prakash clarified on X that his comments were only intended as a joke. “Hate sees only Hate…I was referring to a joke of #Armstrong times celebrating our kerala Chaiwala-which Chaiwala did the Trolls see? if you don`t get a joke then the joke is on you..GROW UP #justasking” he posted.