Pune man lying on his carpet to navigate streets of water-logged Pune

Pune man prefers to ride on mattress to navigate water-logged streets. Photo Courtesy: Screengrab from viral video

Pune recently witnessed its own ‘Aladdin’ as a resident was caught on camera lying on a mattress to navigate the water-logged streets of the city.

Social media user Urmi shared the video on her X handle and it made netizens laugh their heart out during the recently gloomy day.

“Pune people got no chill? Naah, they got all the chul,” she wrote on X posting the video.

The man could be seen lying on the mattress in a relaxed posture.

However, his identity is not known.

Remembering the iconic Aladdin character, one netizen wrote on X: “Aladdin of Pune on his magic carpet.”

Another wrote: “Eco friendly mode of transportation.”