Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made headlines for his first Lok Sabha speech as a leader of the opposition in the lower house. However, several portions of his speech on minorities, the NEET row, and the Agnipath scheme were expunged from Parliament’s records.

Amid an uproar over Gandhi’s Lok Sabha speech, a video showing “how camera shifts” when the Congress leader was speaking and showing Lord Shiva’s picture to the House has surfaced on the internet.

“Shivji kehte hai….Sir dekhiye, camera se hata diya inhone,” Rahul Gandhi was heard saying in the Parliament during his speech.

Since being posted, netizens bombarded the comment section with numerous reactions, with some calling Rahul Gandhi a “smart politician” and others targeting democracy in India.

One user said, “When the parliament officers are neck deep in colluding with Modi, we have successfully failed in being a democracy.” “damn. rahul is really smart,” another user said.

“This guy is showing us what NON BIOLOGICAL PM thinks he has brainwashed us INDIANS!! We are Hindus we are not BJP we are BHARAT!! Proud INDIAN!!” the third user wrote.

“They don’t want Rahul associating with Hinduism. That’ll make it difficult to play Hindu Muslim games,” the fourth user commented.

Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha speech

During the Lok Sabha session on Monday, the Congress leader accused the BJP of launching systematic attacks on the Constitution and the fundamental idea of India.

“It is not just one religion that talks about courage. In fact, all our religions talk about courage…Shivji says daro mat, darao mat, shows the abhay mudra (the right hand held upright with the palm facing outwards), talks about ahimsa..,” Gandhi said.

“I was attacked on orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There were 20 plus cases, house was taken away…55 hours of interrogation by ED. It feels nice that BJP people now repeating ‘Jai samvidhan’ after me,” he added.