Image Source : PTI (FILE) Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.

The Leader of Opposition (LoP) is the strongest democratic tool for every Indian, Rahul Gandhi said today (June 30) and asserted that he will raise the voice of the people of India in Parliament.

In a post on Instagram, Gandhi who recently became the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, a post filled after a gap of 10 years, also shared a video message. “LoP is the strongest democratic tool every Indian has. I assure you, I will raise your voice by raising your problems and issues with full force in the Parliament,” he said.

In the message, Rahul Gandhi was seen talking to youths who said reconducting the NEET examination is their demand. It then shows another clip of the Leader of Opposition raising the issue in the Lok Sabha on June 28.

India Tv - Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi says LoP is strongest democratic tool for every Indian, RAHUL GANDHI will

Image Source : RAHUL GANDHI (INSTAGRAM) ‘Leader of Opposition is strongest democratic tool for every Indian’: Rahul Gandhi.

It also shows clips of Rahul Gandhi’s meetings with the family of Agniveer Ajay Singh (23), who was killed in a landmine explosion in the Rajouri sector in Jammu and Kashmir in January, and the victims of violence in Manipur, among others.

Constructive debate on NEET issue

Asserting the INDIA bloc wants a constructive debate on the NEET issue, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi on Friday said it is unfortunate that they were not allowed to raise it in the Parliament.

In a video message shared from his ‘X’ handle, Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to debate the issue and give the students the respect they deserve.

“The INDIA Opposition bloc wants to have a constructive debate with the Government on the NEET exam and the prevailing paper leak issue. It is unfortunate that we weren’t allowed to do so in Parliament today. This is a serious concern that is causing anxiety to lakhs of families across India,” the Congress leader said.

“We urge the Prime Minister to debate on this issue and give the students the respect they deserve,” he said.

In the video, Gandhi said the message is for all the students, who gave the NEET exam or any other exam, and said that the opposition wanted to discuss the issue but was not allowed to do so by the government.

“There has been a disaster as far as NEET is concerned. Everybody knows that the paper was leaked, people made thousands of crores of rupees. The students were hurt, damaged. The students studied for years. It is their dream, their aspiration to enter the medical field, and that dream and aspiration has been destroyed and ridiculed,” he said.

Gandhi said the INDIA bloc parties had unanimously decided to raise the issue on Friday.

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