Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Himachal’s Mandi Kangana Ranaut on Monday launched a scathing attack on Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi over his Lok Sabha speech, suggesting the Congress leader should immediately seek some “therapy sessions”.

Calling his statements “irresponsible”, Kangana stated many psychologists agree that pressure from the family to be someone else has given him (Rahul Gandhi) an “identity crisis”. She mocked the Congress leader’s statement, which mentioned that “not one Rahul” exists; rather, there are two of him.

“Apart from all the irresponsible statements that Rahul Gandhi ji made in his first speech as the leader of opposition, he also mentioned that he is not one Rahul infact there are two of him, one will now live for the constitution and the other one …. The other one he has KILLED,” the Mandi MP wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

“This is not funny, Rahul ji should immediately seek some therapy sessions. A lot of psychologists would agree that the pressure from the family/mother to be someone else other than who you want to be can give one such identity crisis…,” she recommended.

She added, “There is lot of paradox, conflict and pain in that statement of Rahul ji. Rahul ji told Honourable Defence minister ji also that he sees two of him as well. Such statements are absolutely alarming and I can’t stop thinking about the psychological under current of such behaviour in the parliament.”

Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha speech

During the Lok Sabha session on Monday, the Congress leader hit out at the ruling BJP, saying Hinduism was ‘not about spreading fear, hatred and falsehoods’. He also accused the BJP of launching systematic attacks on the Constitution and the fundamental idea of India.

“It is not just one religion that talks about courage. In fact, all our religions talk about courage…Shivji says daro mat, darao mat, shows the abhay mudra (the right hand held upright with the palm facing outwards), talks about ahimsa, but those who call themselves Hindus indulge in hatred, violence and untruths round the clock,” Gandhi said. 

“I was attacked on orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There were 20 plus cases, house was taken away…55 hours of interrogation by ED. It feels nice that BJP people now repeating ‘Jai samvidhan’ after me,” he added.